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Humor in Crime

Authors S.G. Redling, Karen MacInerney, and Johnny Shaw discuss what it means to be funny in crime fiction.



Exclusive Audio Excerpt: "The Price of Justice" by Marti Green

Best-selling author Marti Green shares an exclusive audio excerpt from The Price of Justice the newest book in her Innocent Prisoners Project series.


If You Like This You Should Try This | Suspense

Authors compare their newest books to other titles and television shows.



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Good Guys Gone Bad

Authors Reed Farrel Coleman, William Lashner, and Harry Hunsicker discuss their favorite dynamic characters and why good guys that go bad are so appealing.


SG Redling Reviews "Weavers" by Aric Davis

51ow+LvfNqL[1]SG Redling, bestselling author of Flowertown and The Widow File, reviews the new thriller Weavers by Aric Davis.

It’s not what you think.

Aric Davis doesn’t tell the same old story the same old way. He’s not afraid to get dark or weird and he proves it again with Weavers. The title comes from the term used to describe the ability to sense and manipulate human emotion that manifests itself as colored threads. Only a handful of people in the world have the ability to weave and, unsurprisingly, not all of them use that skill for good. We meet a young girl just coming into her powers and the old woman mentoring her; a twisted drunk using his gift to fund a crime spree for him and his psychotic best friend; and the government agents who will use any tools available to capture, study, and harness the powers of these telepaths.

But Davis doesn’t let the story turn into any old ‘Men in Black’ trope. He loads the characters with shades of gray, and keeps the story hopping in unexpected directions. Best of all, he bases the psychic phenomenon in reality – no magic aliens here -  to the point where you might find yourself wondering if you’re really in control of your own thoughts at all times.

The ending suggests this might be the start of a series. I’m excited to see where it goes.

- SG Redling


Want to know more about Weavers, listen to an exclusive audio excerpt below.


My Book in 15 Seconds: Authors From Britain

Can British author's Simon Wood, Mel Sherratt  and Alan McDermott get you hooked on their books in 15 seconds or less? 



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Crime Fiction | From Britain with Love

Why do Americans have such an ongoing love affair with British crime friction?  We asked our editors what they thought,  and they all agreed that much of it rests in the country’s rich history—years of war, intrigue, politics, weapons, romance, and epic settings to escape into, British crime fiction offers something for every reader to enjoy. 

To find out more about historical British crime we recently traveled to London and sat down with a few authors.  They told us about their books (in 15 seconds) and described the historical settings of their books.  Check out the videos to learn more:






Exclusive Excerpt: "What Lies Behind"

WhatLiesBehindNew York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison shares an excerpt from the latest book in the Dr. Samantha Owens series, What Lies Behind. Available now on Kindle and in paperback.

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Sean Chercover: My Book in 15 Second

Sean Chercover, best-selling author of The Game Trilogy shares an overview of his books "The Trinity Game" and "The Devil's Game" in two 15 second videos. 




See Sean Chercover author of the Devil's Game on tour with John Rector author of Rutherless.


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My Book in 15 Seconds: Authors From Around the World

Can international authors Alice Quinn, Jutta Profijt and Martin Jensen get you hooked on their books in 15 seconds or less? Watch now to find out!



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