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Exclusive Q&A with Tim Seeley for "Grayson #1"

Dick Grayson stars in his own new series, not as Robin, not as Nightwing, but as Grayson and writer Tim Seeley talks to us about this new direction for the original Boy Wonder.

Grayson1Q1: After the events of FOREVER EVIL and NIGHTWING, what is Dick Grayson’s state of mind at the start of this new series?

Tim Seeley: Dick has been tasked by Batman with infiltrating Spyral, so he's adjusting to a new job, and a new life, while also being full of that confident Dick Grayson swagger that he's up for the task, because he HAS to be. Dick is determined to maintain everything he's learned from Batman, and on his own.

Q2: Dick Grayson is now working at the spy agency Spyral (that first appeared in Grant Morrison’s BATMAN, INCORPORATED), what can you tell us about this mysterious organization?

TS: Spyral was formed by the UN to watch over, and if necessary, exterminate emerging superhumans. It was originally led by an ex-Nazi scientist named Dr. Otto Netz, or "Dr. Daedalus" and as you can imagine with that guy as the boss, Spyral has acted on the side of the angels in some cases, and on not-so-the-side of the angels.

Q3: This series is called GRAYSON and not NIGHTWING obviously, can you talk about how this is going to differ from a superhero title now that Dick doesn’t have a secret identity?

TS: Well, for a start it's much more of world-hopping adventure, and the story will be about Dick's conflicts with being undercover as much as it is about his fights against worldwide threats! In GRAYSON Dick isn't patrolling rooftops, and standing on gargoyles as much. He's running through markets, and jumping on trains, and leaping from airplanes!

Q4: Artist Mikel Janin has a very distinct style that’s giving Dick a new look, what’s the collaboration been like? How do you feel his illustrations complement the story?

TS: He's really the perfect choice for this book. Mikel started out as an architect, and he draws some of the most convincing cityscapes I've ever seen, not to mention that he does great action, and acrobatics! Also, he makes the dudes hot, and the ladies sexy.

Q5: What are some of your favorite Robin stories?

TS: I think the first ones I read were in "The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told" when I was 10 or 11, maybe. And there's one I always remember called "The Origin of the Batman-Superman Team" where Dick is totally cool with telling Superman he's being a jerk.

I've always loved the Marv Wolfman/George Perez Titans stuff that had Dick go from sidekick to leader. I also loved ROBIN: YEAR ONE by Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, and Javier Pulido.  And there's a NIGHTWING ANNUAL by Marc Andreyko focusing on Dick and Batgirl where Dick had to hide his..."attraction" to Barbara. That's a great Grayson moment.

Q6: In another life, what do you think each of the different Robins--Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne--would have done for work? You know, had they not all grown up with extreme life tragedies.

TS: I think Dick would have probably been a counselor or a social worker. He lives to help people.

I think Jason would have been in prison.

Tim Drake would have become a detective, or a NASA scientist, or both.

And Damian...Damian would have taken over the world.

Q7: Do you feel like any character in comics has better head of hair than Dick Grayson? I mean…my God. It's just so luscious.

TS: Yeah, I now live vicariously through Dick. If you read a lot of panels with narration like "And the night desert air runs through his thick hair like a lover's fingers..." assume it's me dealing with my own receding hairline.


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WHY do people keep forgetting about Stephanie Brown? SHE WAS A ROBIN, TOO! sheesh.....

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