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Exclusive Q&A with Kelly Sue DeConnick on the "Castle" graphic novels

Kelly Sue Deconnick is best known for her comic book work on titles just as "Captain Marvel" and "Avengers Assemble" for Marvel. Just in time for the season six premiere of "Castle", Kelly Sue talks about working on the Castle original graphic novel, "Castle: Richard Castle's Storm Season."Castle

So, you’re writing a comic series based off fictional novels, which are featured on a live-action T.V. show. Is that right? How is it seeing your comics featured on Castle? How has it been working on a project with as many “loops” as this one?

Kelly Sue Deconnick: I wrote a couple of graphic novels that were featured on a live-action TV show, yes. The conceit was that these were the comic book adaptations of the series of novels the titular author wrote before his current series. Follow that? It's complicated. I think we've got a visual aid on foam core sitting around here somewhere.

The entire experience was awesome.  From seeing the book on screen to being welcomed to the fold by the incredible community of Castle fans.

How is it different to write for the Marvel Universe, versus Castle’s fictional universe? Any preferences as a writer?

KSD: How it is different… Hm.  I'm not sure it is, really?  I mean, I suppose it's a different set of muscles -- writing science fiction versus detective fiction. But the process is the same.  For me, anyway.

What would you say defines Richard Castle as a writer? And, would you read his books?

KSD: He just radiates charm, doesn't he?  Everything about him.  Dead charming.  That includes his prose.  And yes, the year the first Heat novel came out I got it for Christmas.  I was a fan before I got the gig!

How familiar were you with the Castle series before you started writing Castle: Deadly Storm? And, based on fan reception, what would you say is the appeal of the show?

KSD: My co-writer, Brian M. Bendis, actually got the job before I did.  I was already a fan of the TV series.  I beat Brian about the head and shoulders with a shillelagh until he agreed to bring me on.

You work very closely with Andrew Marlowe, creator of Castle, and you collaborated with Brian Michael Bendis on both series. How do you guys influence each other as writers?

KSD: Marlowe is incredible to work with -- if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend it.  He's generous as well as inspirational. It's his voice Brian and I were trying to match in the writing.  And working with Brian?  Again, I was a fan before I got the job -- before I worked in comics at all, I was a Bendis fan.  I reviewed his stuff for ages ago!  The POWERS script book was the second gift my husband ever gave me. So to have the opportunity to work with him directly was tremendous.  

Even if he did make me hang up my shillelagh. 


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