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Who Would Play Heathcliff and Catherine in a “Wuthering Heights” Remake?

Guest post by Tilly Bagshawe, author of Fame.

FameIn my new novel, Fame, a celebrated director and his motley crew of Hollywood movie stars go to England on location to shoot a remake of the Emily Brontë classic, Wuthering Heights.

Of course, the original version of this movie was shot in 1939 starring Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon as Heathcliff and Cathy, the novel’s famous star-crossed lovers.

My Cathy, Sabrina Leon, is a young Hollywood wild child in the Lindsay Lohan/Megan Fox mold. But If I had to cast the film in real life I’d probably go for a more mature actress, someone like a Monica Bellucci. (The novel specifies a brunette, but in my mind she has to be curvaceous and womanly.)

Heathcliff is a dark, wild, rugged hero, a walking ball of sexual energy. In my book he is played by Viorel Hudson, a smoldering Brit with Romanian gypsy origins. In reality, I guess Javier Bardem would be my top pick, (although that may have more to do with my total sexual obsession with Mr. Penelope Cruz than with his thespian abilities. Then again, this is my imaginary movie so I can do what I like!)

The real prerequisite for a great Catherine and Heathcliff however has to be sexual chemistry. They were, after all, the Carrie and Big of the Yorkshire moors, the Ross and Rachel of late Victorian literature, with their will they/won’t they romantic dynamic – but of course with a hefty dose of pain, betrayal and even sadomasochism thrown in for good measure.

Few modern Hollywood couples have that explosive chemistry, in my opinion, as epitomized by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. By comparison Pitt and Jolie are pale imitations. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had potential, but sadly they’re now last year’s model. Who does that leave? Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz? Hmmm. I’m not convinced about a blond Heathcliff. Although if anyone could pull it off, I reckon 007’s your man.


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