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You Won't Regret Diving into the Nathan McBride Series

Steve Berry, the New York Times bestselling author of The Columbus Affair, praises the 2012 publishing phenom and bestselling Kindle author of the Nathan McBride series, Andrew Peterson. The third novel in the series, Option to Kill, is now available after participating in the Kindle Serials program. Check out all the books in this thrilling series.

OptiontoKillI first discovered Andy a few years ago at the Maui Writers Conference. He’d just landed his first publishing contract and attended my class on craft. He asked, so I provided a critique of Forced to Kill, the second novel in the Nathan McBride series. Andy listened, took extensive notes, and asked a ton of questions. I recall being impressed by his dedication. I knew then this was an author who “had the right stuff.”
Andy's protagonist, Nathan McBride, is fascinating because of the dark nature of what lies just below the surface. Early in his career, McBride fell into the clutches of a brutal and sadistic interrogator, enduring three weeks of hell before being rescued. During the worst of it he discovered a part of himself few of us will ever see—a cold and vicious personality that surfaced and helped him cope with the unspeakable horror of being tortured. Although McBride thinks he's come to terms with that pain, the reality still haunts him. That's what Forced to Kill dealt with—Nathan McBride summoning that inner demon, fighting hard not to be controlled by it.

In Option to Kill, the latest McBride novel, Nathan faces an equally difficult dilemma. Through no fault of his own he’s forced to team with a young girl, whose stepdad has just been murdered. Neither of them trusts the other and they’ll have to overcome not only their adversaries, but themselves, if they hope to survive. Option to Kill is a thirty-six hour, action-packed, thrill ride. So sit back, turn off the TV, and dive into Nathan McBride’s world. You won't regret it.


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