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Cosmetic Tips from the Author of "Kiss & Make Up"

Guest post by author Katie D. Anderson whose new young adult novel, Kiss & Make Up, released on October 2, 2012.

Anyone who has read my book, Kiss & Make Up, knows that just like my main character, I have a bit of an obsession with cosmetics. And just like her best friend, I love to give advice. So today I’ve decided to stick with the plot line and not only let you in on some of my favorite new makeup finds, but those of my 15-year-old daughter too.

  1. KissandMakeUpEyeshadows: I’ve been consumed with the entire Le Metier de Beaute line of eyeshadows. They are quite pricey but so worth it. Not only are they quadruple milled, which makes them so fine they’re almost creamy, but their application theory is different from most other companies. They encourage mixing the shades up and creating an almost ombre look. No more of that putting the dark shadow in the crease and such! Just smear color after color on top of each other and meld it all into a beautiful kaleidoscope. Darkest color on the bottom of the lid and then flow it up into other colors. My daughter has become equally enamored with Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette. It’s a gorgeous set of 12 golds, browns, and taupes. And for you conservative mothers out there, this is a set they can really play with because it’s not highly pigmented. So, no matter how much you pile on (I’ve tried it), it doesn’t seem to ever get very dark. A perfect gift for a teenager.
  2. Shampoos: I am head over heels in love with the Body Shop’s Banana shampoo. As someone who colors her hair, I am always on the lookout for a shampoo that will extend the life of my color and this is it. The scent is positively scrumptious, too. My daughter loves any and all of the Herbal Essences formulas. Her personal fave: None of Your Frizziness.
  3. Lips: There is no bad lip gloss. But, we Andersons won’t be caught dead without good old Chapstick. And the new peppermint flavor is the bomb. We prefer old-school Chapstick to all other lip moisturizing products and think you should too.
  4. Bronzer: Bronzer can be dangerous—especially for young girls. But in general, a nice touch of bronzer is an all year round kind of necessity. I am currently using Smashbox Halo and love it because of its packaging. It has a grater on top of the actual powdered cake of color and you just turn it and shred a tiny amount of bronzer into powder, then swirl your brush in it. Like a cheese grater! My girls at Zoe (my local cosmetics store) swear by it. Be advised though, it is a tinge yellow, but I have gotten used to it and it looks perfectly fine with my more pinkish blush. My daughter, who is also fair, is committed to Bare Minerals Faux Tan loose powder, which I happen to love, too.
  5. Mascara: I’ve tried so many mascaras, and unlike most women, I feel a mascara is a mascara is a mascara. In my personal opinion, the key to beautiful lashes is to apply numerous layers of mascara but do not clump it up. For this reason, it’s necessary to find the kind of applicator brush you love the most. I use one brush to apply the product and another dry one to get any gunky stuff off. There is nothing worse than gloppy mascara. Both of us love the dark black pigmentation of the Mally brand mascara we found on QVC.

Hope you’ll try some of these and if you have any favorites of your own, sound off in the comments.


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