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Who Are the Warriors in the Black Helicopters?

Guest post by former Green Beret and NY Times best-selling author Bob Mayer. Mayer is the author of the Sci-fi thriller Nightstalkers, the most recent book in his Area 51 series.

NightstalkersWho are the warriors in the black helicopters?

I remember sitting inside of a Blackhawk helicopter, flying an infiltration mission with Task Force 160 (the same unit that flew the Bin Laden mission) when it was first formed many years ago and wondering that same question, not quite accepting we were the guys in the black helicopters. 

Members of TF-160 are called the Nightstalkers, as is the team I invented in my new book, Nightstalkers (the first in a new Area 51 trilogy). However, my team of fighters is a collection of former Special Ops, Covert Ops, and uncanny warriors drawn together for the most unique mission of all:  to protect us against the things that go bump in the night.

Way back when, I commanded a Green Beret A-Team that was part of a classified program called Trojan Warrior.  It was designed to make an even more elite fighter out of Special Forces soldiers.  If you’ve seen the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats—well, yes, it is was similar to that.  But there was a whole lot more such as martial arts, mentally controlling heart rate and body temperature, and learning how to walk and chew gum at the same time.  Truly elite.

This specialized skillset is needed by the Nightstalkers team in the first book as they face havoc wreaking fireflies that emerge from a rift in space, a killer rabbit, and even a possessed swimming pool.

The books are a lot more fun than the reality of being a warrior, but they reflect the reality.  I remember doing a beach infiltration in a foreign country (to remain unnamed), swimming in, ditching my dry suit, wearing an unmarked uniform with weapons that couldn’t be traced (technically, we couldn’t be traced either).  We moved inland and were in a small town when a taxi came by and the driver happened to glance over and see us:  blackened faces, submachine guns, our vests bristling with the tools of death. The look on his face is part of what I want to convey in these books.

The books in the Nightstalkers trilogy will be both real and a smidge over the top, a little humor never hurt anyone.  In fact, the last thing I would tell new members joining my A-Team during inbrief was:  "Keep your sense of humor; you're going to need it." -- Bob Mayer.


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