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The Rho Agenda Series, Reviewed by Bob Mayer

Guest post by former Green Beret and NY Times best-selling author Bob Mayer. Mayer is the author of the Sci-fi thriller Area 51 series.

The three books of the Rho Agenda trilogy (The Second Ship, Immune, and Wormhole) are a story that links a considerable amount of science with a thrilling storyline. The author, Richard Phillips, graduated from the Military Academy two years before me, so while I probably saluted him somewhere on post (we didn’t call West Point a campus) as a plebe, I can see the authentic aspect of both the military and science woven into these books. Often when I read science fiction with military elements, the soldier part of me gets a little turned off, but in this case, you can tell a fellow soldier is writing the action.

Philips and I share a fascination with government secrets and science and his background at cutting edge science facility Livermore Lab is apparent in his books. For instance, the last book in the series, Wormhole, has the Large Hadron Collider at the center of the plot. The Collider is the world’s largest particle accelerator and, as I mention in my upcoming book, Nightstalkers (Area 51 series) holds the potential to destroy human kind.

This intriguing technology intersects with the complex world of government agencies competing with and battling each other for power--and is deftly explored by Phillips’ insider eye. Having both served in the military, we experienced this competition first-hand.

I highly recommend readers pack their imagination and go for a ride with The Rho Agenda. -- Bob Mayer





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