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Romantic Suspense: "She Can Tell"

Guest post by romantic suspense novelist Melinda Leigh.

She-can-tellReturning to the town where you grew up should be a nostalgic and heart-warming event, but what if it isn't? What if your childhood memories aren't full of hot summers, fireflies, and ice cream?

Not everyone's family or past is idyllic.

My newest novel, She Can Tell, is a story about a less than welcoming homecoming.

When Rachel returns to her rural hometown things don't go quite as planned. She moved back to take over the family farm and be close to her younger sister, whose marriage she fears has turned abusive.  With her volatile family history Rachel wasn't expecting a warm welcome, but the hostility of her return is alarming. Her newly rebuilt barn is vandalized, her property stolen, and her life threatened.

And this is just the beginning of her troubles. She also has a stalker who quickly turns from creepy to violent.

Rachel knows she can't save herself and protect her family all alone. She must do what she fears most of all. She must trust another person. She's a woman with a tough past, and she learned early never to rely on anyone. For a person who equates strength and survival with independence, trusting another is an insurmountable feat. But if she fails, the consequences are deadly. --Melinda Leigh


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