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Guest Blogger: Christopher Paolini, author of "Inheritance"


Creator of the popular book and movie adaptation Eragon, Christopher Paolini brings his love for the magic of stories to the Deluxe edition of Inheritance. This much-anticipated final book in epic story which began with Eragon is a compelling conclusion, not to be missed. Plus, the deluxe edition includes a glimpse at life in Alagaësia after the final scene of the series, never-before-seen art by the author, a new scene within the story and a note to readers from the author.

Here, Christopher Paolini writes about his top ten fan interactions/gifts he has received.  


Top 10 fan interactions/and or gifts I’ve received from fans on tour


1. When my family and I were still self-publishing Eragon, I ended up giving an hour-long presentation for a single person. Ever since then, I’ve been happy as long as at least two people show up for my events.


2. I once arm-wrestled a guy in order to convince him to buy a copy of the self-published edition of Eragon. And yes, I beat him.


3. While playing a Star Wars video game (Jedi Knight Academy II) someone logged into the game using the name Eragon. And yes, he beat me.


4. One year, for my birthday, my fans got together, pooled their resources, and had a replica of Eragon’s first sword, Zar’roc, made for me. It hangs in my office behind my desk.


5. Another year, again for my birthday, the fans collaborated on a huge leather-bound volume of poems, letters, drawings and other memorabilia related to the Inheritance cycle. It’s a massive, massive book, and I love it.


5. During my tour for Brisingr, a woman came through my signing line while carrying a sugar glider. I asked to pet it, she agreed, and the cute little creature promptly bit my forefinger, drawing blood. On the upside, I get to say I’ve been chewed on by a marsupial.


6. Hearing from families who have named their children after my characters—usually Eragon, Arya, or Saphira. Even after all these years, that still gives me chills.


7. During my U.S. tour for Inheritance, a woman gave me an ostrich egg that she had carved so that it looked as if the dragon Saphira was hatching out of it.


8. Three days later, another woman gave me an emu egg carved in a similar fashion.


9. The young woman in Barcelona who asked me to sign her arm . . . and then showed up the next day with my signature tattooed onto her!


10. All of the young people who have told me that it was the Inheritance cycle that got them into reading. That, for me, has been the most rewarding part of this.


Check out Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Deluxe edition for Kindle and the Inheritance Deluxe edition with video.


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