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Now on Kindle: Patricia Wrede’s Fantastical Lyra Series

Caught in Crystal“If I stayed in financial analysis, I really wasn’t going to have the opportunity to write about dragons.” Once a financial advisor, Patricia C. Wrede risked everything to follow her dream of writing fantasy. And thank goodness she did--she has now been a New York Times bestselling author for over two decades, expanding the boundaries of fantasy writing for readers of all ages.

Known for strong prose, strong female leads, and Wrede’s intelligent charm and humor, Wrede’s renowned Lyra series is now available for instant download on Kindle. Lyra is a magical world shared by four races whose differences see them constantly at odds. While each of the five books in the series--Caught in Crystal , The Raven Ring, Shadow Magic, Daughters of Witches, and The Harp of Imach Thyssel --takes place in the world of Lyra, they are independent from one another and can be enjoyed in any order. 

Upon their original print release, the Lyra books garnered Wrede a cult following and the opportunity to leave financial analysis for good and focus on writing full-time. “I love fantasy,” Patricia Wrede has said. “I don’t think we should forget that the world is a wonderful place.” Hit play on the video below to learn more about the author’s transition from finance to fiction writing, and to explore Wrede’s fascinating, imaginative worlds.


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