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@author: Connecting Readers and Writers

We’re excited to announce a new way for readers to connect with authors and engage in the community around their favorite authors’ books. @author lets readers ask questions while they’re reading a Kindle book, or from an Amazon Author Page. You can see below which authors are participating in our beta release.

To ask one of these authors a question from a Kindle book, just highlight a passage using the 5-way controller, type “@author” followed by your question, and Share. We’ll tweet the question to the author and post it on the Author Page; you’ll automatically receive an email if the author answers your question. You can also ask a question from the Author Page of a participating author; look for the “Ask a question” link beneath the author’s biography or next to one of the author’s books if you want to ask a question specifically about that book.

Authors won’t be able to answer all questions, but readers can answer other reader’s questions from the Author Page too. If the author answers a question written from a Kindle book and you’ve chosen to follow the author on, the question and the author’s answer will both become Public Notes in your book.

We’re eager to see the great questions you ask! Learn more.


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Wow, what a fabulous idea and how innovative! Thanks Amazon and thanks to the authors who are willing to try this brave experiment in interaction!

Let the digital revolution begin! What an amazing idea! Thank you!!!

What a great idea! I'm an author and I'd love to participate too! My romances are from a unique over-the-top point of view. History is mood. Reality is mood.

I know readers have questions..........

I'm so glad to see Amazon embracing the digital publishing market. Great idea, Amazon!
twitter: Michelle_kp
Author: Concilium Coming soon to a digital market near you.

I love this! I hope that Amazon will open it to other authors soon.

Love this! I too hope it opens to more authors soon. I would be thrilled if Jon F. Merz's (@jonfmerz) Lawson Vampire Series was added!

Brilliant idea. Getting readers and authors to connect like this.
And well said cftodd, I love Jon F Merz's Lawson Vampire stories. Be great to get them included

This is an exciting idea, and I'd love to participate through my popular Detective Jackson series.
—L.J. Sellers

As an author this is great. How can I get involved?

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