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Kindle Singles: Six Months In

It's 2:15 in the morning in New York City, and I've just finished editing a sweet, endearing new Kindle Single by a freelance film critic in southern Michigan. It's called The Sum Of My Parts, and yes, it's a reference to those parts--James Sanford contracted testicular cancer and had the balls to tell a compelling tale of male insecurity and fear. He'd posted his 20,000-word saga for sale a few weeks ago in the Kindle Store, and emailed me to ask if I'd make it a Kindle Single. I read it and said yes.

Its posting marks the six-month birthday of Kindle Singles. With nearly 80 Kindle Singles now for sale, our store has stuck religiously to the liberating notion of "Compelling Ideas Expressed at Their Natural Length"--a guiding philosophy that has led us to a thoughtful essay on a 17th century Japanese Haiku poet, a pulsing narrative of the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, and the chilling true story of a Los Angeles cop who murdered her boyfriend's wife. All were bestsellers–-a message of hope to writers with compelling stories to tell.

We launched Kindle Singles late one Tuesday night in January, gathered around our laptops in Seattle and New York City, as we prepared to push the button on our birth. The brilliant journalist Ron Rosenbaum took a flyer on us with an essay on the nature of evil, and Vanity Fair's star reporter Rich Cohen slipped us a cool insider's profile of the Hollywood legend John Milius. Thank you, Pete Hamill, for letting us post your provocative views on illegal immigration, and kudos to sitcom writer/producer Claudia Lonow for sharing painfully hilarious stories of her rude sexual awakening .Since then, we've promoted some remarkable young talents--Erik German, Mishka Shubaly, Oliver Broudy, and Mara Altman all delivered brilliant, bestselling Kindle Singles--and showcased powerful essays from the likes of Christopher Hitchens, Susan Orlean, Plum Sykes, and Tim Gunn.

Keep watching; we're just getting started. And if you're a writer with a compelling Kindle Single in your computer, we're launching a new submissions page today, designed to explain and clarify who we are, what we do and how to get your work considered. Our email address is, and we're prepared to be surprised and thrilled by what you send. We're only the sum of our parts, after all.


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Above URL not active, but suggests I have many websites...

Interesting about the Internet... I'm trying to get my 'book,' on Kindle! But, all I get via Google is people selling something, books (their own), advice, etc!

Ever think about giving things away?

F.A. Hutchison
cycling the world!

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