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New on Kindle: Scripps Spelling Bee Word Games

Shasta_scripps_spelling_bee_04 The Scripps National Spelling Bee is the largest and longest running educational promotion--the 2011 edition is going to be from May 31-June 2. We’re excited to announce Scripps Spelling Bee on Kindle to coincide with the event.

Scripps Spelling Bee on Kindle offers three word games: Word Search, Honeycomb Hunt or Mystery Bee.

In Word Search, the game displays a word box with 20 words that are hidden among a grid of letters. You have 10 minutes to find all 20 words hidden in the grid.

Honeycomb Hunt is a word scramble game. You are given a list of words and a grid of hexagon blocks containing letters. The object of the game is to move the location of the letters so that all 20 words are spelled out at once. The trick is that you must move letters by rotating them without disturbing a word you had previously created.

Mystery Bee is a hangman-style game. For each wrong guess, a body part is filled in on a picture of a bee. If you need them, you can get clues such as the definition of the word, or word's origin.

Scripps Spelling Bee can be used to learn new words in 4 different levels of difficulty, and it can also help you learn your own word lists. Just type your study words into a word list, and you can use those words in the games.

Get Scripps Spelling Bee today so you can truly "Bee" a champion!


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