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Kindle Now Available at Walmart

We’re excited to announce that starting this week, Kindle will be available in over 3,200 Walmart stores nationwide. Most stores will have a Kindle on display so you can check out all the features before you buy. Walmart stores will be selling both Kindle 3G and Kindle with Special Offers.

Walmart is the latest in a growing list of retailers offering Kindle, including Target, Best Buy, and Staples, among others.  Happy reading!


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Squee! I just hope they don't try to troubleshoot or sell returned devices at a lower cost...

Really bad idea, Amazon. Will you be reconditioning all returns you are going to receive from them? Hiring some more customer service personnel? You have just lost any advantage you had over other e-readers.

This is such a stupid idea.I hope they are ready for all the returns.Walmart don't check the returns very well and

You all realize Walmart already sells Nook, right? Why shouldn't Amazon make the Kindle just as available as the Nook?

I don't worry about this as Amazon has better customer service than anywhere else. People will stick with the better service.

Way to cheapen your product Amazon.

I think that is a huge mistake, Kindle should be only with Amazon with a great reputation for products and service. KINDLE WILL BE CHEAPENED IN REPUTATION AND SERVICE.

Amazon, Amazon, tsk, tsk. Didn't you realize my whole relationship with you is built upon the idea of never having to step foot into a Walmart again?

Yeah OK, Walmart is OK for daily items but NO customer service for electronics. I think I'd rather go to Best Buy where U get all the help on such items any time. At least Best Buy checks all there items before they go out

Stupid move Amazon. Have the Kindle available on Amazon ONLY. I avoid Wal-Mart as much as possible. Why do you want to cheapen your product by selling it at a dump like Wal-Mart?

Why are you all so upset? You DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WALMART - just use - why do you care that they are selling the Kindle at bricks and mortar stores? Don't you think the more folks who have Kindles, the more titles we'll have available?

What's the big deal? Target has been selling the Kindle for awhile now. It didn't cheapen the product at all. Selling a product through Amazon doesn't make it a better product.

Here's a question for you for the Anti-Walmart around us:

If you don't want the Kindle now that it will be sold by Walmart, thats fine. But the same logic does make me ask if that means you don't buy Toilet Paper because its sold by Walmart?

Also, no one forces you to go to Walmart. If you don't like it, just go elsewhere.

I work at Walmart and notice that the people who complain the LOUDEST & RUDEST to me at work about how much they hate Walmart are the ones holding onto shopping carts filled to the brim with reasonably priced merchandise including electronics, big screen TV, grocery, towels, motor oil, soda/chips, clothes, pillows, TOILET PAPER, etc. etc. In other words, you want to go there for good prices and selection but you want to slam it also because you are unhappy with your life and need to unload someplace. And people who do want to shop at Walmart have no right to buy Kindle and books to read on them, right?

"Amazon, Amazon, tsk, tsk. Didn't you realize my whole relationship with you is built upon the idea of never having to step foot into a Walmart again?"

Um, you do realize that Amazon already sells lots of stuff that you can get at Walmart and that you don't have to buy the Kindle at Walmart? Sheesh.

You all *do* realize that Amazon and Walmart are, like, the same store, right?

The only difference being that Amazon bullies down the price on books, and Walmart bullies down the price on everything else.

Too bad for the newest of Kindle owners...Just a wild guess, but I would bet that the price for a Kindle just went down now that the evil empire has entered the Kindle market. YaHoo for future Kindle owners though.

I don't give a rats ass about the Kindle in general. I'm old school, I would rather read books that I can hold in my hand and turn the pages with my fingers.

These are great news, and it's not killing Amazon's reputation in any way. On the contrary, what is doing is giving the option for more people to get to know Amazon and Kindle. If you live in the USA, then you don't need to step into any store to get your Kindle. But if you live in Puerto Rico like I do, Amazon doesn't sell any electronics to us, as I'm sure happens in a lot of other countries. So having the Kindle be available at any physical store, only makes it accessible for all of us outside the USA, and I'm happy for that!

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