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Free Games on Kindle

Free_Games Amazon is now offering two word puzzle games for Kindle--Every Word and Shuffled Row. They are free, so we encourage you to check them out.

If you like word scrambles then Every Word is the game for you. Test your vocabulary as you try to find as many words from the scrambled letters in this fun and fast-paced word game. Here's how it works. You are given six or seven scrambled letters with the goal of finding as many words as you can. You score points by filling out the words in each empty spot on the board using only the letters that appear at the top of the game board. Keep at it until time runs out or until you fill up the board. The more words you make, the higher your score.

In Shuffled Row see how many words you can make from 60 lettered tiles. The tiles are added to your row one at a time so you'll constantly be working with a new set of letters. After you submit a word, the letters you used will be removed and new ones will be added. Increase your score by using less common letters. Create longer words and increase your score even more. If you don't use the letters fast enough, they'll disappear and new ones will take their place, so you'll have to decide if you want to play it safe and use short words or try to wait for more letters to form longer words.

Every Word and Shuffled Row are both available now for download in the Kindle Store. 


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these game's are free, but don't work within uk. kinda pointless for alot of people. minesweeper works tho, alt+ctrl+M while being on home screen will bring it up.

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